Chinese Culture Week Events- The Chinese Enterprises Forum

Two giants with an accumulated expertise in their respective fields, Huawei Turkey and ICBC Turkey, gave presentations in the Chinese Enterprises Forum hosted by our university on September 25, 2019. The representatives of ICBC Turkey and Huawei Turkey, enterprises both of which have become pioneers and hold high brand values in their sectors, visited our campus and shared their knowledge as well as experiences. In the Forum which drew high attention from our students, information was shared on global developments and sectoral needs particularly in the realms of finance and technology. Our students also had the opportunity to find out about the details relating to preparation of CVs and the criteria for recruitment.

Our distinguished guests shared information on the operation, policies, visions and missions of their enterprises to enlighten our students and facilitate the pursuit of their career paths. Internship and full time employment opportunities particularly for students in the Finance and Engineering departments were discussed. We are truly grateful to Ms. Şeyma Karan- the Recruitment Manager of Huawei Turkey- and Ms. Tuba Atalay Kocabıyık- the Human Resources Manager of ICBC Turkey- for their participation.