Lecture: Intercultural communication with the Chinese

Professor ZU Xiaomei

Working Experience


1997-2020    Professor, College of Chinese Language and Culture, Nankai University, China

2015-2018    Visiting professor, Emory University, USA.

2008-2011    Visiting professor, Confucius Institute, University of South Florida

2003-2005    Visiting professor, University of Louisville, USA.

1995-1996    Visiting lecturer, Department of Chinese, Kyungnam University, South Korea.



  • M.A. in World Literature, Nankai University, China.
  • B. A. in English, Nankai University, China.


Selected Publications

  • Intercultural Communication   Beijing Foreign language Teaching and Research Press, 2015.
  • Teacher-student interaction pattern and second language acquisition, Language Teaching and Research, 2009/1
  • Corrective feedback in Chinese language classrooms  Chinese Learning, 2008/1
  • New way of Culture Teaching -case study of “Survey of China”. Teaching Chinese in the World, 2006/4.
  • Intercultural communication competence-the new goal of Chinese language teaching. Teaching Chinese in the World, 2003/4.


Courses taught

  • Intercultural Communication
  • Second language Acquisition
  • Survey of Chinese culture
  • Comparison of Chinese and American cultures